Is God Real?


One day a friend of mine and I went walking at the park. The weather had been getting warmer and this day it was almost hot. I have a terrible fear of snakes. As we walked along, I spotted a small snake in the middle of the path up ahead. It really scared me.

We decided it was a baby rattlesnake. Knowing it was only a baby snake did not make me feel any better since I knew they could be just as poisonous as the adult snakes. We turned around and started back on the same path.

We had walked just a few feet and there was another snake in the path. Now I was really shaken. The second snake slithered off the path into the bushes but we still had to walk past where it had been.

The next day during my worship time, I just opened my Bible and there God showed me the verse,

“And I have given you authority over all the power of the Enemy, and to walk among serpents... and to crush them. Nothing shall injure you“. Luke 10:19.

Now I knew I wasn’t going to walk on snakes but it made me feel much better and very special that God would give me this reassurance.

That afternoon, we walked again at the same park. I was still very nervous and realized the experience of the previous day was still worrying me.

I remembered the verse God gave me. I knew that God would take care of me, but I was still quite scared and kept anxiously looking at the path ahead to see if I could spot any more snakes.

The next day God showed me this verse,

“If you love your life down here you will lose it.”

John 12:25.

I remember thinking, “God sure must have a sense of humor. First He told me I would be fine even if I stepped on a snake. Then when that did not put me completely at ease, He told me that I should not love my life so much that I worry about losing it.” I know God is real when I have these kind of experiences.

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A Walk in the Park

“Perfect love casts out all fear.”

I John 4:18