Objections & Solutions


Now, you may say, “I don’t have that kind of extra time.” My first response is, “Do you really want God’s power to overcome sin in your life?” My next response is, “If you are creative you will be able to find the time.” The changes you will see in your life will be well worth finding the time to spend with God. 


The following list may give you some ideas of how to find the extra time:

While you are exercising, driving, walking, washing dishes, working in the yard, in the shower, cleaning the house. Anything that requires your physical abilities but not your mind is a good time. You could:

1) Listen to a tape or CD of the Bible   
    being read.

2) Pray out loud or silently.

3) Recite Bible verses you’ve

    4)  Sing hymns or Scripture songs.

Also look for short periods of time between other activities that you can do any of the above. Look for wasted time such as waiting in lines, waiting for appointments, waiting in traffic, etc. 

During such times you can even review Bible verses on 3x5 cards, read the Bible, or pray silently depending on the situation. If I am by myself in the car I like to pray out loud and just talk to God as though I’m talking to a friend. It doesn’t have to be formal.

You may also need to take some things out of your daily schedule to spend more time with God. But is there any activity in life more important than having a good, solid relationship with the Creator of the Universe – the source of all power?

Relationships on Earth

Let’s face it, what happens if a husband and wife only talk to each other for a few minutes in the morning and a couple minutes before they go to bed at night? Before long, they begin to feel distant from each other. If it goes on long enough, they may get to the place they hardly know each other. 

A husband and wife have to spend time with each other talking and interacting with each other to be close to one another. It’s the same in our relationship with God. We have to spend time with Him.

The changes you will see in your life will be well worth finding the time to spend with God.