Plugged Into the Power


When I became a Christian again at the age of 35, I was having a crisis in my life. I was a very desperate person. It is unfortunate that it often takes a crisis for God to get our attention. 

As I was making my way back to God I would open up the Bible and ask God what He would like to tell me that day. I talked to Him about my problems and asked Him how He could help me.

I started spending a lot of time praying and reading the Bible and a few other good spiritual books. These books gave me insight into how I could plug into the power I so desperately needed. They pointed me to verses in the Bible that could help me.

I learned how to really have a relationship with God and Jesus. I learned how to be a much stronger Christian – really plugged into the power source.

I learned how to spot problem situations before they would come to the point of causing damage in my life. By detecting them early, I could pray about them and make choices to avoid terrible disasters in my life.

How Much Did God Change Me?

God helped me to make major changes in my behavior. People that knew me well told me how much I had changed.

God helped me to quit lying, stealing and being dishonest in other ways. I quit being mean and hateful to people. I became less selfish. My heart softened and I started being more gentle and not so harsh. God helped me to quit being so vain and proud and arrogant. I quit being so worldly and immoral.

My heart became more generous and less greedy. I quit being so controlling and stopped trying to manipulate people.  I became more polite and patient and sensitive. I quit being a fake.

But, most of all, God helped me to quit fighting with people. Since I became a Christian in 1998 I have not fought with anyone. I would say this is the biggest change God has made in my life and the rewards are absolutely wonderful.

I don’t have the heartache and hurt of saying mean and hateful words. I don’t have the emotional distress that comes from getting in a fight. I Praise God for this!

Some people might find this hard to believe, but it’s true. That doesn’t mean I’ve agreed with everyone because I haven’t. But you can disagree peaceably.

I have shared this with you, not to glorify me, but to glorify God and to give you hope as to how much God can change anyone.


A Much Stronger Christian

People that knew me well told me how much I had changed.